Pregnancy and Childbirth

Optimize your body during pregnancy and get your abdominal wall and pelvic floor in best possible condition for childbirth. Restore normal mobility during pregnancy. Create balance and symmetry within the pelvic girdle. Prepare for labour and delivery with compliance, strength and endurance training.

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Post-Natal Recovery

Restore healthy alignment, normal movement, and strength after having a baby. Regain optimal function of your core, pelvic floor, and bladder. Enjoy pain free intercourse again and ensure excellent tissue healing following labour and delivery.

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Women’s Pelvic Health

Find out exactly what is going on with your abdomen, pelvis, and pelvic floor. Train your system to be robust for all life functions and activities. Abolish pain and return to doing the things you love. Be proactive and practice prevention to ensure a healthy pelvic floor as you age.

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Workshops, Talks, and Classes

Knowledge is power, so get serious about learning! A little knowledge can make a huge difference in your life. The Mama’s Physio offers informative seminars, practical classes, and interactive workshops to members of the community and for health professionals.

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Other Services

Naturopathic Medicine
Registered Massage Therapy