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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Explained!

Just in case you missed this post on our learning page, here it is again! At dinner parties and when meeting new people, the inevitable question arises: “so…what do you do?” As pelvic health physiotherapists, there are many ways to answer this question – and depending on the crowd, we can have a lot of [...]

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Don’t Settle For Pain With Sex

These Are True stats: 64% of women report sexual dysfunction during their first year post-partum. 24% of women still have dyspareunia (painful sex) at 18 months post-partum. Women who birth via Cesarian are 2x as likely than women with vaginal deliveries to experience painful sex at 18 months post-partum. It’s normal for the first few [...]

The profile of a woman with incontinence. Which one are you?

Which Woman Are You? Grown women peeing their pants.  Yes, it happens. A lot. The fancy term for this unwanted leaking of urine is called incontinence.  And we've discovered that when it comes to dealing (or not) with accidental leaks, there are six types of women out there: 1) The band-aid seekers. These women believe that leaking [...]

Childbirth Set To Be An Olympic Sport

So apparently childbirth is going to be an Olympic Sport by 2024!!!!! (Whaaaaa???") ​ So get this, professional "child-bearers" from around the world who qualify will compete for gold, silver or bronze in childbirth.  They will be judged on their efficiency, strength, endurance, ability to birth without intervention, presence of multiples, speed of delivery, extent [...]

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Don’t Let Breastfeeding Destroy Your Body

It's world breastfeeding week!  I thought I would throw in my two cents on this topic.  Why? Because surprisingly, physio has a LOT to say about nursing. So has made a popular comeback since the 60s,  and with a vengeance too.  That's a really good thing since breastmilk is pretty much a miraculous substance [...]

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Just a Little Pelvic Pop Quiz

I know that we have at least another month until it's Back To School time!  But since we're gearing up for that season... it's POP QUIZ time.  (Yes, I hear the collective groan.) Test your knowledge of pelvic health by answering these 10 true or false questions.  If you score 70% or higher, you're really [...]

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Just feel those feelings.

This is a little excerpt I wrote for an Ebook that is going to be soon published by the fabulous Kim Vopni of Pelvienne Wellness. The question was: what is one thing you're generally telling all your patients regarding pelvic health? ----- Over the years working as a physio I’ve learned that sometimes the most [...]

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Your Pelvis Is A House

I am treating  a lovely client who has a history of sexual assault and PTSD. Her recent childbirth experience exacerbated the PTSD. I am seeing another incredible lady who survived a house fire and sustained major burns yet has no recall of the actual experience. They are two completely different women who have a very [...]

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