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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Explained!

Just in case you missed this post on our learning page, here it is again! At dinner parties and when meeting new people, the inevitable question arises: “so…what do you do?” As pelvic health physiotherapists, there are many ways to answer this question – and depending on the crowd, we can have a lot of [...]

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Don’t Settle For Pain With Sex

These Are True stats: 64% of women report sexual dysfunction during their first year post-partum. 24% of women still have dyspareunia (painful sex) at 18 months post-partum. Women who birth via Cesarian are 2x as likely than women with vaginal deliveries to experience painful sex at 18 months post-partum. It’s normal for the first few [...]

The profile of a woman with incontinence. Which one are you?

Which Woman Are You? Grown women peeing their pants.  Yes, it happens. A lot. The fancy term for this unwanted leaking of urine is called incontinence.  And we've discovered that when it comes to dealing (or not) with accidental leaks, there are six types of women out there: 1) The band-aid seekers. These women believe that leaking [...]

Just a Little Pelvic Pop Quiz

I know that we have at least another month until it's Back To School time!  But since we're gearing up for that season... it's POP QUIZ time.  (Yes, I hear the collective groan.) Test your knowledge of pelvic health by answering these 10 true or false questions.  If you score 70% or higher, you're really [...]

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Just feel those feelings.

This is a little excerpt I wrote for an Ebook that is going to be soon published by the fabulous Kim Vopni of Pelvienne Wellness. The question was: what is one thing you're generally telling all your patients regarding pelvic health? ----- Over the years working as a physio I’ve learned that sometimes the most [...]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Pelvic Floor

This post originally was published here - Mind Body Families - a blog and online resource for all things family in London.   --------------- There is a region of the body that seems to be shrouded in mystery, secrecy, cover-ups and confusion.  No…I’m not talking about a body conspiracy theory here. I’m talking about your pelvic floor. [...]

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It is NEVER too late!

Sometimes women call into our office who have been dealing with dysfunction for a some time - months, years, decades even.  They wonder if it is too late, if they're past the point of no return, if anything can be done, if surgery is the only "answer".  I love meeting people at this point because [...]

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Upcoming Seminar

If you've ever wondered what exactly the pelvic floor is and what exactly the pelvic floor does, come out to a free seminar I'm giving, hosted by the lovely people at GFC here in London.  It's next Thursday September 17th at 7:00pm - bring a girlfriend and your questions, and discover all that your amazing [...]

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Update on Diastasis Recti Abdominis (DRA) – It’s not just about closing the gap.

This coming weekend I will be attending the Bellies Inc Course for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists in Ontario.  Their vision is to help eliminate "Mummy Tummy" - aka Diastasis Rectus Abdominis - by providing education, training and products.  DRA It is a common condition that can affect a men and women, and it seems to be [...]

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Work those heels, girl!

As I was standing and singing in church yesterday, my body called my attention to three areas of my body: my feet, my calves, and my low back.  My feet were saying "all this standing is increasing the feeling of pressure."  My calves were saying "we're starting to cramp up here...a nice deep stretch would [...]

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What Do Stretch Marks Have to do with the Pelvic Floor?

Stretch marks and pelvic floor weakness. Who knew there was a connection???  Well, apparently there is. I read a fascinating article written by Salter et al.  that was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2006.  The researchers noticed that both women with pelvic floor muscle weakness and women with striae (stretch marks) have [...]

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