Healing Recipes for Your Post-Partum Perineum

There are a few things that no one really warns you about after having a baby.  One of those things is how sore your "lady bits" may feel if you have a vaginal delivery.  In the immediate days post-partum there are a few things you can do to speed along perineal healing and manage the [...]

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Induction and Natural Labour

A friend of mine who is having a baby any day now wrote to me. She is due tomorrow. When checked last week, she was 1 cm dilated.  Her doc said that they would induce about 4 days after her due date if no progress has been shown. She does not want to be induced [...]

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Work those heels, girl!

As I was standing and singing in church yesterday, my body called my attention to three areas of my body: my feet, my calves, and my low back.  My feet were saying "all this standing is increasing the feeling of pressure."  My calves were saying "we're starting to cramp up here...a nice deep stretch would [...]

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What Do Stretch Marks Have to do with the Pelvic Floor?

Stretch marks and pelvic floor weakness. Who knew there was a connection???  Well, apparently there is. I read a fascinating article written by Salter et al.  that was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2006.  The researchers noticed that both women with pelvic floor muscle weakness and women with striae (stretch marks) have [...]

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Physiotherapy to Optimize Your Body

Pregnancy is such a profound and powerful time during a woman’s life – I know this for a fact because I’m going through it right now!   As a women’s health physiotherapist, I’ve always had been amazed by what our incredibly designed bodies are capable of doing – but never more so than now.   When our [...]

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